Curriculum Trak has great news to share!

We were recently approached by Faria Education Group, an international educational technology company that works with some of the most outstanding schools in the world. Since 2006, Faria has focused on serving schools that are part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) community with their flagship product, ManageBac. Today, Faria powers curriculum for over 10,000 schools and districts in over 130 countries.

Their signature software platform not only includes curriculum planning like Curriculum Trak, but also assessment, reporting, and admissions/enrollment. It is a fully integrated teaching and learning platform for learning leaders, teachers, students, and parents. We were intrigued and decided to investigate further.

After deliberation, we determined several things:

  1. We share a similar customer-centric philosophy. We both tailor our offerings to meet evolving customer needs and provide support that goes the extra mile.
  2. We both value simplicity in design. The tools in Faria’s comprehensive software products are impressive, easy to use, and intuitive.
  3. We share a commitment to a “learning first” approach—our goal is to understand what teachers, students, and administrators need to improve the overall learning experience; then develop tools to meet those needs.

We are very pleased to announce that Faria Education Group has purchased Curriculum Trak! We believe that joining the larger Faria Team will allow us to work with you and future clients in the best way possible. For those familiar with the language of software tools, ManageBac provides a fully integrated product that combines the best of curriculum unit planning with learning management system (LMS) functionality.

Becoming part of Faria means that we will now have two options for schools:

  1. Curriculum Trak with the optional Lesson Planner remains as is: the product that you are currently using. We will continue to sell this tool to help build your curriculum, align with standards, conduct analytics and reporting, promote faith-learning integration, and to communicate and improve your curriculum planning.
  2. CT Plus will be an option available in the near future. The new, fully-integrated product will do the following:
    • Curriculum planning, standards, and analytics
    • Assessment and reporting including gradebook functionality, report cards, online assessment, and attendance
    • Teaching and Learning: classroom management, calendar and deadlines, goals and reflections, portfolio, service learning, project-based learning, exams management, and additional opportunities for faith-learning integration and biblical worldview infusion.

What does this change mean for you as a Curriculum Trak customer? You likely won’t notice any difference—our same, caring staff will continue to meet your needs and work with you. And your annual subscription rate for Curriculum Trak will remain the same. What is exciting is that you will have the option to move to CT Plus if you find that it better aligns with your curriculum goals.

We look forward to moving ahead together.

The Curriculum Trak Team

Mike Vander Berg
Dan Beerens
Sheryl Beerens
Michael Arnold
Becky Goniea