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Other Curriculum Sources: Search By Course Name

The Search By Course feature in the Other Curriculum Sources area just got better. Many users have found the ability to look at the maps of other schools to be very helpful in the completion of their own mapping goals.... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planner Enhancements 8 of 8: Checkbox Field

Many lesson plan users have been asking for a checkbox field option for their lesson plans similar to the checkbox field option currently available in the Unit Planner. We are happy to announce that this option is now available to... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planner Enhancements 7 of 8:Lesson Plan Sharing Just Got Easier

We want to introduce today a new feature that better supports collaboration and shared planning among teachers. Until now, teachers have been able to view the lesson plans of teachers sharing their maps through the lessons database. Teachers are even able... Continue Reading →

Curriculum Trak Welcomes New Schools

It's exciting to see the number of schools launching into curriculum mapping so far in 2017! Join us in welcoming these schools to Curriculum Trak: Carolina Christian School - Locust, NC City of Life Christian Academy - Kissimmee, FL Evangelical Christian... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planner Enhancements 6 of 8: Deleting Multiple Lessons

Many of the recent enhancements to the Lesson Planner have been for the purpose of allowing teachers to edit, assign, or share their lesson plans even easier. Today, we would like to introduce a feature that allows teachers to delete... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planner Enhancements 5 of 8: Improved Page Breaks in Weekly Planner Printing

Today, we highlight yet another enhancement to the Lesson Planner that is geared toward a teacher’s use of lesson plans. In addition to viewing their weekly lessons from within Curriculum Trak, some teachers like the option to produce a static .pdf... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planner Enhancements 4 of 8: Attaching Dates to Lessons

The latest enhancement to the Lesson Planner we want to focus on in this post will also help teachers in their weekly lesson planning. Some teachers find that a single lesson plan may span multiple days requiring a single lesson... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planner Enhancements 3 of 8: New Editing Options for Lesson Plans

Another enhancement we have made to the lesson planning features in Curriculum Trak allows teachers to edit their lesson plans more easily. This enhancement is focused on allowing teachers to maintain and improve their lesson plans even easier than before.... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planner Enhancements 2 of 8: Print Lessons

Although we live in the digital age, paper copies are still helpful for some things like lesson plans. A teacher has always had the option to print individual lesson plans from the lesson database as either a digital pdf for... Continue Reading →

View Attached Teachers in the Courses Database

Whether you are a new user to Curriculum Trak or a long-time mapper, you may have struggled to make sure the right editors were attached to the proper maps within your courses database. We would like to announce a change... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planner Enhancements 1 of 8: Lessons Menu

We have made a series of updates to our lesson planner as a result of user feedback. We begin a series of posts today (continued over the next several weeks) highlighting each of these changes. Today, we will begin with... Continue Reading →

Unattached Standards/Benchmarks Report

As an administrator attaching standards/benchmarks to courses for for assignment within unit plans, you may have asked, “How do I know if I missed something?” Now we have a tool just for you. We have made a change in the... Continue Reading →

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