Contributed by Brian B.

How have you integrated Curriculum Trak into your school culture?  

Curriculum Trak has become central to our academic program.  It is integrated into the daily fabric of the school through the linkage with FACTS SIS and the lesson planning feature in Curriculum Trak.  New teachers are oriented to expectations within the community using Curriculum Trak.

What steps did you take to train, support, and encourage your teachers in their mapping efforts?   

We used common planning time and professional development time to map our curriculum.  We started by mapping our core courses (having teachers do their main two courses) and then have spent some time adding electives later.

What advice would you offer to schools just starting the process?   

Dedicate the needed time and support to make it happen.  We actually had one teacher who was not a strong typist get support for this so that we could get the curriculum into the system.