Contributed by Cindy R.

What steps did you take to train, support, and encourage your teachers in their mapping efforts?

Our first step was to have the Director of Curriculum and Professional development establish a ‘team’ of helper to help train other teachers in the future.

We brought in Dan Beerens to train the above people for two half days in the morning. Teachers were trained in the afternoon.

Lower School and Upper School trained separately.

What unexpected insights, findings or benefits have you discovered from your mapping efforts so far?

Vertical teaming has been facilitated.

We are taking teachers from being textbook-driven to standards-driven.

Able to checking on standards that are not being covered.

What advice would you offer to schools just starting the process?

Allow teachers to build out their maps over the course of one year, not all at one time. Teachers wrote maps as they taught the content. It is much easier to add resources while actually covering the material.

What tips, strategies, or tools did you find most helpful in advancing your efforts?

Offer additional hour-long live webinars for additional training.

Do not train on lesson planner until the 2nd year.