Contributed by Janice M.

My advice to schools just starting the process is to take one or two subject areas and have all teachers work on those areas together. (This works well for elementary, but I realize since Jr./Sr. High is more specialized, you might have to do multiple subjects.)  By work on that together, I mean put them all in the same room; perhaps the computer lab if you have one; project curriculum track on a whiteboard and lead them step by step. Make certain to have good examples for them to follow and make certain you clarify how detailed you want it to be.  

I would have them come with the first quarter concepts to be taught and then walk them through entering all the information for the first several weeks.  Let them work and you give advice and pointers. Biblical integration seems to be a hard one, so I would be prepared with LOTS of examples. I use the Encyclopedia of Bible Truths for Christian Schools published by ACSI.  It breaks all the subject areas down and gives you great examples of the Biblical truths for each.

Lastly, don’t let them forget to link resources to their units.  This is a great way to preserve resources and not have to search for them every year when you teach that unit.

Every year you have new people and new curriculum and updates, so it is a never ending process and everyone needs to learn how to do it.