Contributed by Amanda B.

How have you integrated Curriculum Trak into your school culture?

All teachers use Curriculum Trak for lesson planning and curriculum mapping

What steps did you take to train, support, and encourage your teachers in their mapping efforts?

We offered an initial training and have offered multiple follow up sessions to teachers

What unexpected insights, findings or benefits have you discovered from your mapping efforts so far?

The ability to link Bible standards have been very helpful

What advice would you offer to schools just starting the process?

The learning curve of how to operate the system can be difficult, but the tool is well worth the investment

What tips, strategies, or tools did you find most helpful in advancing your efforts?

The standards tool and the bible standards tool have been the most helpful

Where are your mapping efforts leading you? What’s next as a result of your efforts?  

Our next step is to build upon and improve the maps we have drafted this year