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What If There Aren’t Any Lesson Plans?

There are few things worse than walking into class full of students without plan. Those are the things nightmares are made of! While curriculum maps and unit plans provide a high-level overview of a school's curriculum, teachers rely on their... Continue Reading →


School Year Rollover Is Coming!

What you need to know about Curriculum Trak's rollover on July 15.

Mapping as Part of School Culture

Note: We have been asking veteran Curriculum Trak schools to provide some tips that might be helpful to others. We believe these “Trailblazers” have a lot of insights to share with other schools also involved in the process. As we... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planning Benchmark Reports

We recently added some additional reporting options for the Lesson Planning feature within Curriculum Trak. These reports were mostly for administrative use. Thanks to feedback from users, we have made a minor adjustment that we believe will provide even more... Continue Reading →

New Lesson Planner Reports

Schools using the Curriculum Trak Lesson Planner have been asking for the power of the unit planning reports to extend to the lesson planner feature as well. And, we listened! Today, we are happy to report that if you are... Continue Reading →

New! Update Lessons from the Weekly Planner

The Curriculum Trak Lesson Planner is a great way to support your teachers in their planning efforts while keeping your course maps up to date. If you do not use this feature, now may be the time to check it... Continue Reading →

New! Create Lesson Plans within the Weekly Planner

We are happy to announce an enhancement to our lesson planner aimed at further supporting individual planning styles and needs. The Weekly Planner is an area for teachers to view their scheduled lessons for the week, add notes, or shift... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planner Enhancements 8 of 8: Checkbox Field

Many lesson plan users have been asking for a checkbox field option for their lesson plans similar to the checkbox field option currently available in the Unit Planner. We are happy to announce that this option is now available to... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planner Enhancements 7 of 8:Lesson Plan Sharing Just Got Easier

We want to introduce today a new feature that better supports collaboration and shared planning among teachers. Until now, teachers have been able to view the lesson plans of teachers sharing their maps through the lessons database. Teachers are even able... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planner Enhancements 6 of 8: Deleting Multiple Lessons

Many of the recent enhancements to the Lesson Planner have been for the purpose of allowing teachers to edit, assign, or share their lesson plans even easier. Today, we would like to introduce a feature that allows teachers to delete... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planner Enhancements 5 of 8: Improved Page Breaks in Weekly Planner Printing

Today, we highlight yet another enhancement to the Lesson Planner that is geared toward a teacher’s use of lesson plans. In addition to viewing their weekly lessons from within Curriculum Trak, some teachers like the option to produce a static .pdf... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planner Enhancements 4 of 8: Attaching Dates to Lessons

The latest enhancement to the Lesson Planner we want to focus on in this post will also help teachers in their weekly lesson planning. Some teachers find that a single lesson plan may span multiple days requiring a single lesson... Continue Reading →

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