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Conducting a Standards/Benchmarks Review

One of the strengths of Curriculum Trak is the option for any school to select any set of state or national standards in any instructional area as a framework for their instruction. The process for determining which standards best serve... Continue Reading →


What If There Aren’t Any Lesson Plans?

There are few things worse than walking into class full of students without plan. Those are the things nightmares are made of! While curriculum maps and unit plans provide a high-level overview of a school's curriculum, teachers rely on their... Continue Reading →

New Report: Current Standards Listing

We just released another standards report aimed at helping curriculum directors at your school more easily review your current standards. The "Current Standards Listing" report, located in the green "Benchmarks" icon will pull in a list of active programs (subject... Continue Reading →

Did You Hear?!

Curriculum Trak recently announced some exciting news, and we want to be sure we got the word out. We have joined forces with the Faria Education Group (FEG), an international technology company that works with over 10,000 schools and districts... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planning Benchmark Reports

We recently added some additional reporting options for the Lesson Planning feature within Curriculum Trak. These reports were mostly for administrative use. Thanks to feedback from users, we have made a minor adjustment that we believe will provide even more... Continue Reading →

CT Enhancement: Now Search Standards by Keyword

New Keyword search now a filtering option in the Available Standards Listing.

New Lesson Planner Reports

Schools using the Curriculum Trak Lesson Planner have been asking for the power of the unit planning reports to extend to the lesson planner feature as well. And, we listened! Today, we are happy to report that if you are... Continue Reading →

Adding More to Your Maps

Our newly enhanced Course Information feature is a helpful feature for tracking even more details about your mapped courses. When you think about the purposes for mapping - articulating curriculum, preserving legacy, organizing course information, etc. - the ability to... Continue Reading →

Track Textbooks in Curriculum Trak

Often, textbooks and the primary resources of a particular class represent a major investment for a school. So, it makes sense to include this in your mapped curriculum information. One of Curriculum Trak's most recent enhancements allows teachers, curriculum directors,... Continue Reading →

Enhancement to Curriculum Mapping Progress Report

Curriculum Mapping Progress Report now has refining options.

Announcing the Faith-Learning Integration e-Book!

New Faith-Learning Content tool available.

Invoicing & Payment Changes

Curriculum Trak has changed it's online payment options and extends an offer to you.

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