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Connecting Lesson Plans to Google Classroom

Curriculum Trak can push weekly lesson plan information to Google Classroom to support parent/student communication.

Conducting a Standards/Benchmarks Review

One of the strengths of Curriculum Trak is the option for any school to select any set of state or national standards in any instructional area as a framework for their instruction. The process for determining which standards best serve... Continue Reading →

Identifying a Champion

Note: We have been asking veteran Curriculum Trak schools to provide some tips that might be helpful to others. We believe these “Trailblazers” have a lot of insights to share with other schools also involved in the process. As we... Continue Reading →

Adding More to Your Maps

Our newly enhanced Course Information feature is a helpful feature for tracking even more details about your mapped courses. When you think about the purposes for mapping - articulating curriculum, preserving legacy, organizing course information, etc. - the ability to... Continue Reading →

Track Textbooks in Curriculum Trak

Often, textbooks and the primary resources of a particular class represent a major investment for a school. So, it makes sense to include this in your mapped curriculum information. One of Curriculum Trak's most recent enhancements allows teachers, curriculum directors,... Continue Reading →

Now Available: Track School-specific Outcomes

We are happy to announce a new feature designed to help schools focus on mission alignment. Many schools have a series of value statements, specific behaviors, or character traits they seek to instill in their students in addition to academic... Continue Reading →

Evaluating Your Maps

As schools wrap up their school year or move toward more completed maps, they may be wondering how to best evaluate what they have. That is why Curriculum Trak has created the "Assessment Rubric." Intended as a starting point for... Continue Reading →

New Report: Horizontal Scope & Sequence

When it comes to understanding and improving your curriculum, the ability to compare and contrast the details of your courses provides many benefits. That’s what the Curriculum Trak Reports area is designed for. Today, we want to highlight another way... Continue Reading →

New Report Option: Unit Timelines

Curriculum Trak is all about collecting data that will provide you with important insights for making your curriculum stronger. The Reports area has several options for viewing your mapping data in a variety of ways. Today, we announce a new... Continue Reading →

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