By its very nature, curriculum mapping is about promoting the reflective practices that bring about deep and lasting changes in instruction and professional development. That often requires a cultural shift in a teaching team. And, that is often why maintaining and promoting the project long-term (i.e. – until the benefits are realized) can be so difficult.

Curriculum Trak is happy to provide as much support as possible along these lines from equipping your leaders to providing individualized training. One resource we are happy to offer along these lines is a presentation offered at a recent Curriculum Trak conference. Contact support if you would like to explore the opportunities we provide.

Mary Lou Capan shares tips and strategies for successful adoption and incorporation of Curriculum Trak into your school culture. She draws from nearly ten years of Curriculum Trak use with several different schools filling various instructional and leadership roles. Her goal is to help every school jump into Curriculum Trak in a way that will lead to their long-term success.

Mary Lou Capan offers insights into making Curriculum Trak part of school culture.