“Why are we engaging in curriculum mapping at our school?” 

That is a big question, and like most “Why?” questions is not always the easiest question to answer. So, we are happy to announce some resources to assist you as you explore this question with your team. 

Often, educational leaders point to the external and non-personal factors as the driving force behind this major undertaking we call curriculum mapping. While focusing on such factors (and the fears they bring with them) might jump start the process and bring some efficiency to completing the initial stages, the long-term benefits of curriculum mapping usually only come as the teaching staff finds internal motivation to sustain their efforts and encourage their reflective processes into the future. The conversation about “Why mapping?” needs to focus on intrinsic reasons rather than extrinsic ones. 

We here at Curriculum Trak believe that these internal motivators are not in competition with the external needs often associated with curriculum mapping, but focusing first on how curriculum mapping enhances a teacher’s practices, maximizes their impact on their students, and better equips their students to successfully face whatever comes next for them in life is the best place to start. Focusing on school and teacher legacy as a direct result of the collaborative practices of curriculum articulation and teacher clarity tends to bring the big question of “Why?” into a very clear focus for teachers who see their profession as a calling. Curriculum mapping should be about articulation, clarity, and legacy. The fact that other administrative needs – accreditation, external accountability, and providing for projected staff turnover – can also be managed through the process is an added bonus for administrators that teachers do not find quite as exciting or even central to their purpose. Curriculum mapping through Curriculum Trak can bring all of these goals together into a user-friendly platform that enhances your school’s long-term success.
If you would like to review the complementary resources aimed at fostering your school’s conversation about “Why Mapping?” check our our Professional Development Video Courses in the Help Manual. Contact support if you have questions or need additional information.