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June 2018

Attention! Make An Announcement

The Curriculum Trak announcment feature can be used in a variety of ways to unite your team and keep your project on task.

Add Course Descriptions

Curriculum Trak now offers the option to add course descriptions to each course map. Anyone with editing rights can add a brief description to a course through the mapping view or the unit plan view. Just look for the "Edit... Continue Reading →

Evaluating Your Maps

As schools wrap up their school year or move toward more completed maps, they may be wondering how to best evaluate what they have. That is why Curriculum Trak has created the "Assessment Rubric." Intended as a starting point for... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planner: Flexible Scheduling

The Curriculum Trak lesson planner now supports flexible scheduling. This feature allows teachers to setup their weekly planner to reflect a different schedule each weekday. Designed for teachers who want more detail in their weekly planner than a fixed class... Continue Reading →

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