One of the most appreciated aspects of Curriculum Trak is the fact that it can be largely customized to more fully support your school’s individual approach to planning and instruction. This makes Curriculum Trak a valuable tool for schools as they pursue their mission regardless of whether a school takes pride in adopting tried-and-true best practices or is a trailblazer seeking to innovate education as we know it. We get excited about the variety of ways our mapping tool is being used around the world.

Sometimes, however, we find that schools are not fully aware of the extent to which Curriculum Trak can serve their teachers and meet their mission. As a result, the full benefits this tool provides are not fully realized. From time to time, we offer information specific to an instructional model, educational philosophy, or planning method depending on the perceived need and the number of schools ascribing to that particular approach to education. Other times, we meet with schools at conferences or in person to discuss how Curriculum Trak can more fully achieve specific goals. If you haven’t done so lately, perhaps it is time to consider if there is anything more Curriculum Trak can do to help you align with your mission. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Are there any areas of practice or instruction that are routinely planned for and implemented not currently stored in Curriculum Trak?
  • Are we tracking instructional materials or plans in another spreadsheet or database for repeated use from year to year?
  • Can we show how the information in our maps helps us achieve our stated vision or mission, or do we need to add more data to further connect the dots?
  • Are there specific details our staff could benefit from having stored alongside our curriculum?

It may be that the questions above could reveal even more ways that your school can use Curriculum Trak to meet its needs. If so, we invite you to contact support to discuss those possibilities and how we can assist you in that.


If you are interested in specific resources that may help you achieve your mission with Curriculum Trak, here is a brief list to get you started: