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October 2017

Accreditation Access

Accreditation or reaccreditation is usually a big part of the reason why schools begin using Curriculum Trak. Many find that Curriculum Trak is not only a good tool to prepare their curriculum for upcoming accreditation visits, but it is also... Continue Reading →

Customizing Curriculum Trak

One of the strengths of Curriculum Trak is that there are many options to tailor the program to your specific needs, and it keeps getting better. The latest enhancement to this aspect of Curriculum Trak now includes the ability to... Continue Reading →

Other Curriculum: Faster Search Results

As more and more schools begin using Curriculum Trak and sharing their maps with others through the Other Curriculum area, search results have been slowing down. Perhaps you have noticed. That’s a problem because educators are busy and mapping is... Continue Reading →

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